Beach Honeymoons

Amazing pageantry. Colorful festivals. Warm and sociable people. Excellent cuisine. Goa is one of India's most sophisticated, romantic and exciting honeymoon destination.Away from the beaten track, honeymooners find out a romantic goa in its small towns and beautiful villages rich with plants and fauna. Goa offer everyone out of the world experience Make your honeymoon to memorize with a getaway to some of the most amazing beaches and resorts. Regardless of whether you are planning your honeymoon in winter, summer or monsoon - Goa is the wonderful honeymoon destination as the weather is always enjoyable and the romantic beaches is always magnetize the newlywed couples.

Honeymoon Destination in Goa

Goa is the perfect honeymoon destination for newlyweds, particularly beach lovers.

Especially for Indians, Goa is the wonderful place for their honeymoon if they are searching for a beach honeymoon in India. Goa is a all time romantic place but a Goa excursion for honeymooners during the monsoons is unmatchable. Sensuous silvery sands, breathtakingly beautiful blue beaches, rich cultural heritage, fabulous flora and fauna, terrific temples and captivating churches, Goa has it all.

Honeymoon destination in Goa
North Goa: North Goa is the aged city of Goa.The city is well-known for its tradition, a reflection of which can be seen in the monuments and churches of old This city has fine statues and gardens. The primary beach stop over in North Goa is Anjuna beach also renowned for its flea market and wild parties that make it a ideal honeymoon destination.

South Goa: South Goa is famous for some of the region's best beaches with attractive Portuguese-style villages snuggled in a hilly interior. The foremost beaches of South Goa contain Arambol Beach, which is located far away from the maddening crowd; this is a beautiful, serene beach quite sheltered and great for beach lovers.