Honeymoon Poetry

The Romantic poetry always cherished the beloved and its vivid and colorful language enhance love on honeymoon. Poetry is the right way to say and show what you feel about your partner with whom you decided to spend your whole life. With the time the honeymoon trends are keeps on changing like in some previous years honeymoon in abroad was one of the favorable among the couples but in now days honeymoon poetry places an important role in making your honeymoon awesome.
Below are the some honeymoon poetry that can you share with your life partner; this is sure that below poetries make your honeymoon memorable one.

  1. Look down, beloved.
    The surf moans and
    Comes to kiss the shore.

    Look out to the serpentine rock
    That stands firm as our love.
    Look up at the vast blue sky;
    Look over to the fog-shrouded hills
    That protect us
    So no mortal may enter our world.

    Look away from sorrow
    And into tomorrow and its gladness.
    Look down across the sands of time
    With loving thoughts
    And know our love is

    Our honeymoon
    Love in the
    Middle of Indian Ocean

    Waking up
    To the tired
    Kisses of the night
    With a jump

  2. In the blue
    Calm Glorious sunshine
    Refreshed together
    In the coconut
    Juice breakfast
    In just serving
    For endless love

  3. In the rich forest's
    Moonlit midnight,
    His hands
    With loving, lingering
    Feather touch tenderly traced
    Tingling paths on succulent beaches . . .

    Skin warm against velvet skin
    My lips soft against him
    In the crackling gentle glow
    Of campfire-light by the river;
    Our love as pure as a drop
    Of mountain water on a leaf.
    I'll always remember
    Golden moment . . .