Top 10 Most Popular Destination Weddings

Wedding is one of the most important days of every person lives and all of us want the day to be wonderful in our memories. In preparation any wedding, the first thing that needs to be finalized is the destination. If destination wedding is in your mind, there are many breathtakingly beautiful locations to decide from beaches, palaces and hills.
Let's have a look at the top ten destinations which would complete anyone's dream wedding. Below we provide the top 10 wedding locations which have stunning locations for your wedding and reception.

  1. France - France is the most romantic country around the world. This beautiful destination is famous for city of love, Paris is the ideal place for the fairy tale wedding you had always dreamt of.
  2. Mauritius - If it's a beach wedding that you have in mind, Mauritius is the ideal destination. This attractive island nation presents beautiful beaches with coral reefs, lucid sea lagoons and romance in the breeze. You could indulge in the many activities present on the beaches or just relax under the sun.
  3. Bermuda - The cleanliness that is hardly ever found in any other part of the globe with pink sand beaches set Bermuda apart. You would experience a history and a culture that still continues to live. Bermuda is a ideal wedding place if you have coral reefs, pink beaches and verdant garden to host your wedding.
  4. Maui, Hawaii - Hawaii is a dream wedding destination for any wedding couple. To have your skin kissed by the sun, feel the warmth of the Hawaiian hot sand and exchanging wows by the sea is a dream comes true. There are several beaches to decide from. On the south island, you get to discover the quieter beaches while the more charming west side gets very crowded.
  5. Bali, Indonesia - Bali has been the another good destination for wedding because of its exotic beaches and magical charm. This Island offers much more than just crystal clear beaches. It elegant temples, cultural heritage make this location truly perfect and mystic destination for wedding.
  6. Jamaica - Jamaica is the another good destination for married. You can find here easy lifestyle, wealthy culture and tropical climate. What could be more attractive than getting married on a tropical island? With its clean beaches and breathtaking waterfalls and rugged mountaintops, hosting your wedding in Jamaica would be an memorable experience.
  7. Las Vegas - This amazing destination Popularly recognized as the marriage capital of the entire world, Las Vegas is measured to be the most unusual and exciting of all dream holiday wedding destinations. With almost 150,000 couples getting marriage every year. Las Vegas is the single place on the world where you can get married by an Elvis impersonator
  8. Ireland - Wedding in Ireland offer you with the unique opportunity to have your dream wedding in the third largest island of Europe amidst the crystal clear blue waters and beautiful beaches. With a grand and warm welcome, wedding in Ireland, lets you realize an island of contrasts.
  9. California - It is another perfect destination for wedding. Having a number of romantic spots to greeting the soon to wed couple, California is a well-liked wedding destination. California have many popular Wedding destination. You can decide to choose from California Wedding Hotels to California Wedding Chapels and California Beach Weddings.
  10. New Zealand - If you're searching for a most romantic wedding location, fly by helicopter to the top of a mountain in New Zealand. Many wedding locations present amazing views.