Wedding Night Ideas

Wedding night is the first moment all day that you and your beloved are alone. It has definitely been a long day of primping, photos, and well wishers, so make some mood lighting to ensure a slight romance as well as a relaxing atmosphere. You can use soft candles maybe even some aromatic ones to awaken your senses. If you are staying at a hotel, resort or bed and breakfast, have the staff there chill some fine Champagne in your room so that you and your groom can enjoy it when you enter.
You can use some flower petals scattered and your desired romantic songs playing kindly in the background. Make sure to comprise your special song, so you can relive the moment of your first dance as husband and wife.

Fun Wedding Night Ideas

Some of the fun wedding night ideas are:

Games - you can try something innovative and fun in the wedding room. These fun games really spice up your love life. Well, you can either create your own games or you can go for usual games such as taste-testing (prepares an assortment of tasty treats and blindfolds your partner) and stripping. The more you like the games, the more you get to know together. These fun games can also help to make you forget your wedding pressure and make both of you unwind for your wedding night.

Spice-Up the Bath Tub - To make sure that it is a wonderful wedding night, a nice soak in the bath tub with the mixture of perfume, touch, color, and music is a must. You have to make sure that the hot tub is big enough to accommodate both of you comfortably, so let your hubby know to book a pleasant hotel ahead of time. Another plus of this grand idea is that you can unwind after your long wedding day. A bowl of melt chocolate, chocolate-covered strawberries, good wine or campaign and other luscious snacks by the tub to nibble on.